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Flex Putter Trainer

The secret is keeping the flexible shaft straight up and down at impact. This produces a Perfect Roll on the ball.

  • Conforms With USGA Rules
  • Feel The Perfect Release
  • Roll the Ball Perfect
  • Perfect Swing Path
  • Instant Visual Feedback
  • Speed and Distance Control
  • Perfect Timing and Rhythm
  • Soft Metal Design for Feel
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Q1. How to make a perfect stroke?
To roll the ball perfect keep the flexible shaft straight up and down at impact.
If the stroke is too aggressive the shaft will flex too abruptly resulting in a pull or push Stroke.
A Perfect stroke = The shaft does not flex at impact and the ball rolls perfect.

Q2. How does the Flex Putter Trainer work?
The Flex Putter Trainer is designed to magnify the impact of a bad stroke such as a push or pull. Learn from instant visual feedback. You can see, feel and hear the mistake on a bad stroke and a good stroke never felt better. 

Q3. What can I learn from the Flex Putter Trainer?
You can learn how to:

  • Instantly improve your stroke
  • Roll the ball perfect
  • Become a better golfer

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