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Impact Press

The Impact Press is for golfers of all ages and abilities looking to improve both the body and club movements into the hitting area. The Impact Press improves a golfers wrist conditions, external rotation of the trail shoulder, pressure shift, turns, tilts, angle of attack, dynamic loft, and most importantly provides an unmatched impact position!

  • The IMPACT PRESS is a revolutionary training iron designed to improve how you deliver the golf club at impact.
  • The IMPACT PRESS patented design forces golfers to change how they move the body, hands, arms, and release allowing for tour caliber ball striking.
  • Improve ball striking, ball flight, overall distance, allowing you to finally be in control of your golf game!
  • Invented by Bill Schmedes III, an award winning PGA professional: Best Young Teacher in America & Best in State by Golf Digest, Top 30 Golf Instructor by Golf Tips Magazine, Top 25 Elite Junior Coach in the USA by FCG, and Top 50 Kids Coach by US Kids Golf.
  • Endorsed by many of the teachers and coaches on Golf Digest’s and Golf Magazines Top 50 and Top 100 golf instructor lists, including Gary Gilchrist, and Tim Cooke.
  • The great thing about the IMPACT PRESS is that it can be hit both indoors and outdoors, or used away from the ball to improve the motor pattern, providing the feedback needed to take your golf game to the next level. Its time to PRESS forward with your game!

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