USA Flag Ladies' Golf Glove


Birdie Town golf gloves are made from a unique material that stretches easily to fit the hand size of any golfer comfortably. You won't have to worry about buying the right size when you need a golf glove or if you're buying one as a gift.

This will be the most comfortable and the most stylish golf glove you’ve ever used.

We also offer a fit guarantee. If you don't like how your Birdie Town glove fits, you can send it back for a full refund.



Most gloves wear out quickly because the gloves get wet from sweat and make the leather feel old quickly, with our glove we have carefully placed ventilation to help both the durability of the glove, but also increase the comfort level when you are wearing a glove on the course for 4 hours plus.


We found out that our customers were bored with the traditional white golf glove, so we decided to make one-of-a-kind designs so our golfers could express themselves on the course.  We hired the best designers in golf and fashion to come up with our designs, worked hard on our current designs, and worked on more to provide to our customers in the future.


Birdie Town golf gloves are available at a competitive price without sacrificing quality. If you want the best deal buy five or more gloves to get 25% off!


  • One size fits all
  • Face and Palm are 100% synthetic leather
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Soft
  • All-weather

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