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Birdie Maker + FREE 100% Pure Stroke



  • IMPROVE PUTTING: The Birdie Maker is the perfect indoor substitute to the outdoor putting green. Practice putting year-round with our 10 foot putting mat.
  • SOFT TOUCH: The “real green feel” lets you consistently strike the ball with the proper feel necessary to make even the toughest putts by practicing with a purpose.
  • PUTTING ACCURACY: Three visible putting cups at the end of the mat, 1 regulation size cup and 2 small targets to dial in your aiming skills. along with the markers across the mat to guide your consistent set up with ball position, this mat will eliminate second guessing by refining your fundamentals.
  • DISTANCES: Multiple different distance markers allow you to practice the feel and touch on different putting distances up to 10 feet. Use the mat in both direction to sharpen both your target and aiming skills, but also your speed control. It's not a  secret your speed and aim have to match in order to make more putts.
  • ON-THE-GO: The Birdie Maker rolls up and fits perfectly for easy storage. You can take it on a business trip or anywhere else you may have some time to practice putting.



      • Improve your putting stroke with this creative and patented design.
      • Easily installs on your putter. Easy to remove too.
      • Reusable Installation tape is included.
      • Includes convenient carrying case.
      • Made from industrial strength aluminum for durability.
      • Learn to keep your putter face square to the ball.
      • Learn to strike the “sweet spot” every time.

      ARC - Almost every Touring Pro uses a pendulum putting stroke. A pendulum putting stroke requires your shoulders, arms, hands and putter all to move as one unit. Train to initiate this movement with your shoulders. This will result in a bob and weave motion of your shoulders, and along with the angle of your spine will create arc in your putting stroke. Never initiate a putting stroke with your wrists or hands, as this could result in off arc strokes, thus the putter face may be open or closed at impact. Arc is a slight inside path on the backstroke as the face opens slightly, then a smooth acceleration to square at impact, followed by a slight inside path on follow through as the face closes slightly. 100% Pure Stroke will detect if your on arc, by deflecting putts where your putter face was open or closed at impact.

      ACCELERATION - Generally speaking deceleration occurs when you take the putter back further then necessary to achieve a desired distance. When you take it back too far and feel that you can't accelerate you'll make adjustments before or at impact. Years ago, Ben Hogan had a similar problem so bad that either Ben or his friends called it "The Yips." It's a good idea to take a few practice strokes that image the distance of your backstroke before you take the putt. 100% Pure Stroke will detect decelerated strokes, but it's uncertain whether the stroke will result in a push or a pull. You'll get to know the difference between being off arc and decelerating. 100% Pure Stroke will train you to accelerate by training you not to decelerate. Deceleration is the causal factor of "The Yips."

      STRIKING THE SWEET SPOT -  One of the major improvements to putters in the past 45 years or so has been the expansion of the sweet spot. Therefore striking the sweet spot is not as important as it once was. In 1982, I invented a Golf Practice Putting Aid named "perfect stroke." 100% Pure Stroke is an improvement to "perfect stroke" being that the striking area has been expanded a bit which makes it more user-friendly. 100% Pure Stroke will therefore be a great training aid for beginners, intermediate golfers or anyone who has trouble striking the sweet spot. The intent of this invention is to increase meaningful feedback to all golfers.

      If you are looking for a user friendly, precision made practice putting device to improve arc and acceleration in your putting stroke 100% Pure Stroke is the best choice. Includes instructions, 2-way tape, plastic caddie for storing when not in use and a small plastic carry case.

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