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Birdie Cup - Putt Trainer

Birdie Cup is a scientifically shaped target which rejects bad putts and returns good ones.

Birdie Cup's revolutionary training aid will improve your aim and pace with its scientifically designed parabolic curve that auto-returns your good putts, rejects missed putts and holds your perfect putt - giving you immediate feedback on your putting form.

The functional design means when you hit the ball on target too fast the ball will return the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed. If a putt is off line, it rolls off the side.

If it’s accurate, the curved gadget sends it back so you don’t need to bend over to pick it up. 


1. Repeat Putt - 25 putts in a row, start again if you miss.
2. Perfect Putt - A perfect putt will stop in the micro target.
3. Match play Perfect Putt - Compete against friends for the most perfect putts!
4. Killer Putting Drill - Increase putt length by 2 feet each time and if you miss, lose a life and go again.

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