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Birdie Maker - 10ft. Putting Mat

The 10 foot Birdie Maker Golf Putting Mat was designed to help golfers master their putting. There are many golf putting mats on the market that have a hole and one place to aim your ball.

The Birdie Maker was designed to disrupt the traditional putting mat. The mat has no hole, and has many aiming points, and speed control zones.

Birdie Maker is designed to practice at the home or at the office with purposeful practice. This is a great mat to master both speed and direction


What’s the speed of the Birdie Maker?
Birdie Maker has a stimp rating of 10.

Does it work on a carpet? 
Birdie Maker works well on wood and tile floor or a thin carpet. It does not work well on a very thick or shag carpet.

What's the difference between using it on the carpet and hardwood floor?
Depends on the carpet, but if a thin carpet, not much

Can it be used outside?
Yes, it can be used outside, however would not recommend to store the Birdie Maker outside

Will it be damaged if I use it in a patio?
If the patio is covered you should be fine.

How much does it weigh?
The Birdie Maker weighs 5.5 lbs.

What are the dimensions?
10 feet long, 20 inches wide.

Can it be used by a LH golfer?
Yes, we have made the same mat for both rh and lh golfers. There are lines specifically made for lh golfers. We didn’t forget about you!

Do I have to use plastic or foam golf balls on the Birdie Maker?
The Birdie Maker was made to help you practice your putting with purpose. Use real golf balls, preferably the brand and feel golf ball you play with to simulate the same feel on the golf course.

How should I maintain the putting mat?
We commend after each use to either roll up or putt aside from areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.

How to store it?
Roll it up and stow it in your garage, corner of a room, or closet.

Can you add break to it?
No, you cannot.  We believe every putt is a straight putt.  The careful design of the mat has various coordinates and lines that help you work on your set up from setting up the club head and aligning your body the same way every time. 

Will folding the mat leave a wrinkle on the surface? 
We don’t recommend you fold the mat, but instead roll it up.  It's very easy to do. 

What’s the size of the hole?
Regulation size target/hole. All golf holes cut into a green should be circular, with a diameter of 4 1/4 inches. The small yellow holes are exactly half the size of a regulation cup. 

Can the mat be washed or spot cleaned? 
Yes, the mat can be washed or spot cleaned.

Does the material scratch your putter?
No, the turf does not scratch your putter.  

Can I vacuum this mat? 
Yes you can vacuum your mat.

Can this mat be rolled up for storage when not in use?
Yes, it can.

This mat will enable you to:
  • Develop the proper feel on various lengths putts
  • Lock in your target, aiming your putter head perpendicular to your intended target
  • Train your mind, eyes and body to align properly

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