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Club Analysis @ The Golf Clinic

Did you know that clubs off the rack (in fact most sets that aren’t hand built and calibrated) have loft and lie manufacturing tolerances. The large companies do not check or calibrate sets leaving the factory and most companies operate within a 2 degree tolerance!

With only 4 degrees between each club in loft and only 1 or 1/2 a degree between each clubs lie angles, you could end up with half the set essentially being the same club. If you have 2 or 3 clubs in the bag going the same distance then it's likely that they are the same loft.

If the lofts are wrong on your irons, distances will be inconsistent and there won’t be the correct gaps between the different irons.

Distance can be affected if the lofts are not set to suit you (and your strike) with too much height or spin or not enough spin and flight. If the loft is out even just 2 degrees it can affect the distance by 6-8 yards!

    If the lie angle is wrong or not matched for each club within the set your height/strike to ball can’t fly straight!

    One of the biggest misconceptions about shafts is that there are standards out there that manufacturers adhere to. Most golfers assume that a shaft marked regular or stiff will be the same across the board, no matter who they buy it from.

    Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Over the past several decades we have seen wildly different performance from what is described by the OEM versus what the customer is actually getting. One company’s stiff flex could perform exactly the same as another’s regular.

    Getting the right shaft profile for your swing is very important. It will greatly affect your ability to hit quality shots on the course.


    Now you can find out if your clubs are as advertised or if there are discrepancies that can negatively impact your game. You will find out the actual loft, weight, flex etc when you get Club Analysis at The Golf Clinic located in Jupiter, FL.

    This service is available to a limited number of customers at 75% off. Only on BIRDIE TOWN you can get it for $25 [regular price $100]!

    The Golf Clinic was recently recognized by the GOLF Magazine as Top 25 Elite Club Fitters.

    During the Club Analysis session the team at The Golf Clinic will collect and record all pertinent data from your current clubs including each clubs length, loft, lie angle, CPM flex, bend point, and swing weight using state of the art equipment. 

    CLAIM THIS DEAL NOW and learn the exact specs of your clubs.

    To schedule the Club Analysis service after you purchase this deal, contact The Golf Clinic at 772-247-7926 and provide your order number that you will receive after the purchase is complete.

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