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Clubfinder ID

Every year, an estimated 5 million golf clubs are lost with little chance of ever being recovered by their owners.

ClubFinderID the only online lost & found service to connect owners and finders directly and anonymously, at a click. No middle man, no number to call. Just simple, familiar messaging technology to get your lost valuables back quickly.

Your ClubFinderID kit includes 20 golf club labels with a loss retrieval system designed to protect your clubs from ever being lost. Simply wrap a label below the grip of each club and in the event it is lost, the finder can use the label’s ID number to contact you via and notify you of its location. There is simply no easier way to get your missing clubs back in minutes!

You can use it for your golf bag and travel case too!

The ClubFinderID technology carries the 'Secured by Design' certification awarded by the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (PCPI) in the UK for the safety benefits it brings to society.


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