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Golf Sole

Get Golf Soles today and SAVE $30 per pair!


With GOLF SOLE insoles you will hit farther with more accuracy and play with more comfort and less pain!

Medical Benefits:

  1. Stabilizes the foot in stance and walking
  2. Helps maintain position and aligns the foot to lower leg and ground
  3. Helps minimize and prevent rolling in and rolling out of the foot
  4. Provides shock absorption
  5. Comfort during golf
  6. Reduction of discomfort in the arch, heel, leg, knee, and low back

Golf Benefits:

  1. Anti-Sway Technology
  2. Naturally engages bigger more powerful muscles for improved distance
  3. Improves posture / spine position for decreased low back pain, and improved range of motion in rotation; and improve distance
  4. Creates a pressure shift in the swing that forces energy directly towards the target vs. across it immediately improves accuracy and distance

All these things happen the moment you slip a GOLFSOLE into you shoes before stepping onto the first tee


Dr. Harold Schoenhaus

  • Practicing Foot and Ankle Surgeon For 47 Years
  • Author, speaker, researcher, inventor
  • Full Professor - Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
  • Professor of Biomechanics of Lower Extremity
  • Past President - American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
  • Inventor of Dyna-Step, Dr. Scholls inserts to alleviate pain: arch, heel, leg, knee, low back ( clinically proven)
Eric Kaplan

  • Golf Coach to several Top PGA Tour Players and Major Championship Winners
  • Leader of Golf Biomechanics; researched with top doctors at the Mayo Clinic to simplify and improve the natural transfers of energy in the golf swing.
  • His research was initially conducted to allow golfers with Parkinson's disease play golf with better balanced, and reduced tremors; it just so happens that his research is more efficient for everyone.
  • Author, Putting: The Four Secrets Body Locks - over 100,000 golfers reached.
  • Featured on The Golf Channel to teach the single most efficient putting motion possible by the human body.
  • Founder, AXYSGolf - an instruction company responsible for training the instructor at the most private clubs in the world how to teach.

GOLF SOLE can be used everyday not only on the golf course. Consider getting few pairs for your regular shoes too.

Order a pair today. This deal is ending soon!

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