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JOINT-X - Joint Support & Performance Formula

The Superior Joint Support & Performance Formula

Joint-X is the Superior Joint Support & Performance Formula on the market today and the only one specifically formulated to optimize the particular needs of the active golfer.

And you don't have to wait around months to see the results.Joint-X is formulated with ingredients shown in clinical trials to positively affect the 3 drivers of overall joint health in as few as seven days: 

  • Reducing Joint Pain*
  • Protecting Cartilage*
  • Decreasing Inflammation*
Fast Joint Relief 
Joint-X is scientifically formulated with ingredients clinically shown to support healthy joint comfort & flexibility in just 7-10 days*.
Ease of Use
For Daily Maintenance take just 1 capsule a day in the morning or at night before bed. For Active use and on Performance Days take one additional capsule before or after activity.
Overall Health
Formulated with healthy, all-natural ingredients including turmeric, used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb with powerful anti-inflammatory effects as well as cognitive and energy benefits.


    JOINT-X is tested and verified by an independent lab in California, ensuring that it contains only the highest quality, safe ingredients.

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