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Powerchute 180 - Golf Swing Trainer

"POWERCHUTE® increased my swing speed by 5.5 mph, that's 15-20 yards or more." - Jack Nicklaus



POWERCHUTE 180 GOLF SWING TRAINER is the ultimate in golf performance training technology. Powerchute's patented design generates shaft and clubhead resistance to significantly increase clubhead speed and driving distance while delivering significant improvements to the golf swing.

POWERCHUTE Sports has developed patented wind-resistant performance training products to increase fast-twitch muscles, core strength and proper swing sequencing.


  • Increases Clubhead Speed
  • Increases Driving Distance
  • Improves Balance, Promotes a full Finish
  • Develops Proper Sequencing, Eliminates Casting or Throw
  • Increases Lag, Improves Angle of Approach
  • Improves Center-face Contact
  • Increases the Ability to Pinch a Ball Off a Tight Surface


This is an amazing device that will help any golfer improve his game. In fact, it was designed to provide much more than just increased clubhead speed. Swinging this device has been proven to improve technique, especially with the “transition” which can be described as the act of movements from the backswing to the forward swing. The product features an advanced technology which is used to identify and measure players’ “sequencing” and “lag”. As such, most players tested improved increased ‘lag’ and sequencing. In short words the better ones ‘sequencing’, the more efficient the swing. On the other hand, it is also important to know that the most common result of poor sequencing is releasing the clubhead early. This is a good reason why most beginners have a difficult time making contact with the ball when it is on a tight lie.


The POWERCHUTE 180 GOLF SWINGER TRAINER is an extraordinary product that comes with advanced technology and plenty of other features that will provide the user with a lot of benefits. As we already mentioned, the device is using a patented technology that will help the product create resistance only in the appropriate locations throughout the golf swing. Moreover, it comes with a lightweight and durable construction, being simple to install. As such, it does not require any accessories or extra tools. Plus, it comes with a nylon travel bag which means that it is portable. As you already know, this product will provide you with a lot of benefits. Therefore, it is good to know that it increases clubhead speed and driving distance improves balance, promotes a full finish, eliminates casting and throw, increases lag, improves center-face contact and increases the ability to pinch a ball off a tight surface, too.


This is a simple piece of equipment that weighs less than 5 oz. It comes with a flag and 2 clips and it acts like a parachute, offering resistance every time you swing. Moreover, it fits all golf clubs, including 42” of length or greater and it is available in two colors, such as black and white. Thanks to its unique design, this golf swing trainer creates a resistance that will force your body to develop the proper sequencing which establishes lag and increases clubhead speed. Furthermore, its design will also provide benefits to low-handicap golfers. If you are a professional golfer, you already have your own technically sound golf swing, but training with the POWERCHUTE you can increase clubhead speed. More than that, this incredible product can be a real aid for low handicap players, providing them with the feeling of increased clubhead speed through the hitting zone, improved balance awareness and increased torso rotation through the ball.


  • Color: Black
  • ABS Frame / Components
  • Resistance for Youth and Adult players
  • 27L/11W Chute Size


The POWERCHUTE 180 GOLF SWING TRAINER device is backed up by Life Time warranty meaning that it can be repaired or replaced if something will happen during normal use.

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