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Tour Putting Trainer

Become a Consistent Putter and Never Fear a 3 Footer Again

Let’s face it...you may never hit it 300 yards, but regardless of your age or ability level, you absolutely can learn to putt like the pros with the Tour Putting Trainer. When you make more putts, you’ll shoot lower scores and have a lot more fun!

The Tour Putting Trainer is an adjustable putting trainer that uses a radius rod, forearm rail, and forearm guides to help you achieve the perfect address position every time with proper alignment and your eyes over the ball.

You’ll also master a perfect pendulum stroke by learning to putt with your big muscles (no “shaky hands’ or wrist flipping). This will help you strike your putts more solidly, ensuring they start on the right line with proper pace.

Product highlights:

  • Consistent setup every time. You can’t hole more putts if you aren’t addressing the ball properly.
  • You’ll create perfect practice by using your settings on the radius rod, forearm rail and forearm guides to ensure you’re always in an ideal setup position (and it’s adjustable to suit your stroke and body type).
  • The TPT engages the big muscles for a more consistent stroke. The Radius rod, forearm rail and forearm guides ensure a repetitive big muscle stroke. When you eliminate the wrists in putting, good things happen.
  • The ideal blend of science and art that will allow you to drastically improve your putting with minimal practice. 
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