The same technology that won a Major is now available in a fairway metal. The vertical grooves on the face of VGG's fairway metal help keep the ball in play and enable greater forward roll.

The Vertical Grooves on the face actually promote a better spin for most golfers giving them more roll versus horizontal grooves. Off Center, hits offer a better dispersion pattern (due in part to the MOI) but also the general design of the head.

The clubhead shape allows this club to glide through most lies with minimal effort. A delicate balance of clubhead weight, shaft, and grip has been achieved, making the Vertical Groove 3-Wood one of the easiest to hit on the market today. The Vertical Groove 3-Wood produces a High launch but settles into an optimal trajectory to increase roll out - meaning MORE DISTANCE!

The Vertical Groove 3-wood shaft is a proprietary shaft made specifically for the Vertical Groove product. It has a mid-kick point designed to help golfers of all skill levels get the ball airborne and works with the MOI of the head, making this a very easy product to hit. This is not a club that only TOUR players can hit but rather was designed for those golfers who have swing speeds less than 100 MPH.

The shaft is made by one of the leading OEM shaft brands and is designed to accommodate the following swing speeds.

STIFF: 90mph+ (or typical driving distance of 250+ yards if a customer doesn't know their swing speed)

REGULAR: 80-90mph (or typical driving distance of 200-250 yards...)

SENIOR: under 80mph (or typical driving distance under 200 yards…)

The Vertical Groove grip is a proprietary grip. It is made of a blended rubber material designed to provide a soft feel and dampen vibration. It is a standard size grip and will fit 98% of the golfers in the market.

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