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13 FT Wellputt Golf Putting Mat

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The 13Ft WellPutt Golf Putting Mat was designed to help golfers master their putting. There are many golf putting mats on the market that have a hole and one place to aim your ball. The Wellputt Mat was designed to disrupt the tradtional putting mat. The mat has no hole, and has many aiming points, and speed control zones. The mat is designed to practice at the home or at the office with purposeful practice. This is a great mat to master both speed and direction.

Ball roll speed, 11FT                                                                         

There are many exercises to be played on with this putting mat. Enjoy 2 play directions that allow for multiple exercises and different feelings. A graphic representation of the hole teaches you how to finish in the good putting zone known as the “WellingPutt Zone”. The striped zone or “zebra” zones teach you how to avoid falling short on your putts.

This mat will enable you to:
Develop the proper feel on various lengths putts
Lock in your target, aiming your putterhead perpendicular to your intended target

Train your mind, eyes and body to align properly

Your WellingPutt Mat includes:
13 Foot WellingPutt Mat
Training Book including 54 different exercises.

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